Advanced Analytics Transaction Events

Advanced Analytics Transaction Events

The HTTP Transaction events are critical for enterprises for deeper visibility as companies move to adopt cloud products. Netskope already provides page, app events, etc. that are rolled up and summarized to avoid “noisy” web traffic. The rolled up view is great for admins, in addition, transaction events provide granular information about the web sites that users have accessed.


The following table highlights popular use cases which are addressed by Netskope’s Advanced Analytics Transaction Events feature.

Use CaseDescription
Granular details for all transactionsTransaction Events contain more accurate bytes uploaded/downloaded information for all transactions processed by Netskope.

This provides visibility into network traffic distribution and identifies network bottlenecks that could occur due to crowding out events such as mass patch rollouts.

Detailed traffic visibilityTransaction Events provides visibility into all  traffic that passes through the Netskope cloud. Admins can correlate these events to get a complete picture of traffic passed through Netskope. This helps admins investigate security incidents such as phishing attacks and get a complete view of the blast radius including the impacted users, application, devices, IPs, and locations.
Visibility into SSL errorsVisibility into SSL errors helps to troubleshoot SSL errors during application steering configuration.
Data retentionLonger data retention packages allows admins to search for Indicators of Compromise (IOC) in transaction logs.
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Advanced Analytics Transaction Events

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