Advanced Analytics Transaction Event Fields

Advanced Analytics Transaction Event Fields


You can cross check embedded definitions in the Netskope UI. Click the icon next to the field. In addition, you can search the fields and browse all fields.


The following table lists the Netskope Advanced Analytics (NAA) field names. There are corresponding Transaction Event fields that are used for HTTP transaction events. This list is dynamic and may not contain each available field. To learn more: Netskope Transaction Events.

NAA Field NameTransaction Events Field NameDescriptionCategoryType
Client SSL Errorx-client-ssl-errDescription of SSL error which happens between the client (browser) and proxy.DimensionAlphanumeric
HTTP Methodcs-methodHTTP MethodDimensionAlphanumeric
HTTP Status Codesc-statusThe HTTP status code received from the server.DimensionInteger
Other Categoryx-other-categoryOther CategoryDimensionString
Page IDx-cs-page-idIdentifier associated with the page event object.DimensionString
Path With Query Stringcs-uriPath information plus query string.DimensionAlphanumeric
Portcs-uri-portPort specified in the request header.DimensionInteger
Protocolcs-uri-schemeThe protocol used.DimensionAlphanumeric
Request Content Headercs-content-typeThe content-type header in the HTTP request.DimensionAlphanumeric
Request Hostnamecs-hostThe value in the host header from the request.DimensionAlphanumeric
Request Process Durationtime-takenDelta between when the request processing started and the request was completed.DimensionInteger (value in ms).
Request Query Stringcs-uri-queryThe query string portion of the HTTP request.DimensionAlphanumeric
Response Content Headersc-content-typeThe content-type header from the response.DimensionAlphanumeric
Server SSL Errorx-server-ssl-errDescription of SSL error happen between proxy and content server.DimensionAlphanumeric
Transaction Typex-typeType of log message.DimensionAlphanumeric
Tunnel IDx-cs-tunnel-idVPN tunnel IDDimensionAlphanumeric
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Advanced Analytics Transaction Event Fields

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