Merging Results from Different Explores

Merging Results from Different Explores

Explores are designed to combine your data using defined relationships between data fields and tables. Because of this, it is best to use a single Explore to examine your data.

You can combine data from different Explores to create data tables and visualizations.

Using the Merged Results feature, you can create a report from an Explore and then add reports from other Explores to display the merged results in a single table. From there, you can examine the data, pivot fields, and create visualizations.


The Merged Results feature has a limit of 5,000 rows of data for each of the merged reports. If you include reports that return more than 5,000 rows of data, only the first 5,000 rows returned are included in the merged results.

Understanding Merged Results

When you merge reports, you start out by creating a single report from a single Explore, and then you combine other reports with that first report.

By default, that first report is considered the primary report. This is an important concept because when the system matches the data to create the merged results, it matches each added report to the primary report (not to any other added report). So, whenever you add a report, you need to include a dimension that can be matched to a dimension in the primary report.

Saving Your Merged Results to a Dashboard

Once you create your merged results report, you can create a visualization and then use the gear menu to add the visualization to a dashboard:

1.Click the gear menu and select Save to Dashboard.

2.Give your new dashboard tile a title. Select the dashboard by either:

>Navigating to an existing dashboard and clicking on it to select it, or

>Clicking New Dashboard to create a new dashboard, then name your dashboard in the pop-up window.

4.Click Save to Dashboard.

The merged results tile is now on your dashboard:

At this point you can add or apply dashboard filters to your merged results tile, rearrange the tile, edit the tile, or add new tiles to your dashboard. You can’t download the data from a tile based on merged results, but you can download the dashboard as a PDF or as a collection of CSV files.


Any dashboard filters applied to a merged results tile will be turned off if the merged report is changed in any way. You can reinstate the filters by turning them back on again in the Add/Edit Dashboard Filters window.

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Merging Results from Different Explores

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