Netskope Library

Netskope Library

This page lists and describes each Netskope created report (dashboard) and available widgets.

  1. Dashboards and widgets are organized in a table format and in different categories.
  2. Dashboards and widgets display the number of times it was copied into a Personal or Group folder.

This page contains pre-built dashboards and widgets that are available to you for copying to include in your personal or group folders.

From this page you can:

  • Search for a specific dashboard
  • Sort the Dashboard list by both table and card view. In addition, you can sort by Name, Popularity, and Last Edit.
  • View dashboard details (the underlying report details)
  • Clone a dashboard and save it to your personal folders, to which you have permission to access
  • Copy a dashboard to a different folder, to which you have permission to access


Dashboards and widgets created in the past 90 days are tagged as ‘New’.

Netskope Library Dashboards

The table below lists and describes each default dashboard available to you.

Dashboard NameDescription
Application Activity SummaryProvides visibility into overall cloud usage in your organization for a particular application, for example Box. Provides understanding of the following:
  • data movement
  • users
  • organizational units
  • activities
  • alerts
Category SummaryProvides visibility into overall cloud usage in your organization for a particular category like Cloud Storage.
Coaching Policies DashboardUse this dashboard to look at a specific policy and analyze the user behavior when these policies are triggered. Assess impact of User Coaching such as:
  • Number of users triggered the policy
  • Number of users who stopped vs proceeded with the action caught by the policy
  • Justifications entered by the users
CISO DashboardThis dashboard provides monthly executive reporting on cloud data protection and threat management. It focuses on the threats we defended, policies triggered, users we protected, and applications accessed.

The Dashboard goes further to break out data protection, threat protection, policy violations, applications, and network traffic.

It also covers geographic maps showing a view of where the alerts are being generated and the location of users around the globe.

CISO Dashboard – No Period ComparisonThis dashboard is a simplified version of the “CISO Dashboard” which requires only a single time range parameter to be applied. Note, period over period comparison dashboard filters are not included in this dashboard.
CISO Dashboard with Top OUsThis dashboard provides everything included in the CISO Dashboard as well as organizational informational.
Cloud Risk AssessmentProvides organizations with insights on their cloud risk posture for data, users, and cloud usage.

Get visibility into risky applications, upload / downloads by Instance, compliance certifications, user countries, and trend of risky applications usage / uploads / downloads.

Cloud Risk Assessment – QBRCovers multiple product areas; intended to be used for QBRs to showcase value. In comparison to the above Cloud Risk Assessment dashboard, this dashboard is suitable for users in various stages of maturity ranging from discovery, to granular access control.
Cloud Firewall Discovery InsightsProvides visibility into utilization metrics via Cloud Firewall. This dashboard offers the following:
  • Network Traffic monitoring for users and services, bandwidth consumption, and unauthorized activities
  • Policy development and optimization by identifying firewall misconfigurations and trends of blocked / allowed traffic
Cloud Usage SummaryProvides visibility into overall cloud usage in your organization.
Data Governance & Privacy DashboardProvides visibility into source and destination country traffic highlighting movement of highly sensitive data.

Trend of DLP alerts along with top sensitive data found in the environment.

Application risk paired with data movement.

Disabled accounts in the last 7 days.

Data Protection DashboardWith the Data Protection Report, stay informed about where your sensitive data is, the risks of data loss associated with the applications that your organization is using, and the effectiveness of DLP security policies.

This dashboard also provides complete visibility into data being uploaded / downloaded from corporate / personal instances, files being exposed externally / publicly, applications used where data is owned by the vendor, and trends of alerts raised.

DLP PoliciesA DLP Policy focused dashboard that gives an overview of DLP policies active in the tenant, how they are behaving, and offers information to help fine tune the policies.
  • Operationalization of DLP Policies
  • Fine tuning of DLP Policies
  • Identifying critical DLP Alerts
GDPR DashboardThis dashboard allows organizations to monitor and assess their GDPR compliance.

It covers:

  • Applications with low GDPR
  • Applications which are hosting data outside of the EU
  • Applications sharing PII data with 3rd Parties
  • Applications where data is owned by the vendor
  • Applications accessing other applications on mobile devices
  • Applications accessing privacy data on mobile devices
  • Applications which do not allow data downloads
  • Applications which never delete your data
IaaS CSA DashboardThis dashboard shows:
  • IaaS CSA alerts by severity
  • Top Critical/High CSA rules triggeredTop Critical/High CSA rules triggered
  • Top Accounts & Objects with Critical CSA alerts
  • Regions generating alerts
IaaS DLP Scan DashboardThis dashboard focuses on data classification, DLP policy violations, and noncompliance in storage buckets.

Key metrics includes:

  • DLP classification by profile and rule
  • DLP violations by instance, object, and bucket
  • Exposed storage bucket
  • DLP violation trend over time
IaaS Malware Scan DashboardThis dashboard offers in-depth analysis of malware detected in cloud storage services.

Key metrics includes:

  • Malware by CSP, instance, and bucket
  • Malware by engine and severity
  • Malware by type, name, and file type
  • Trend of malware detected
IaaS Storage Scan DashboardGives a high level overview of Data Protection, Threat Protection and Security Assessment in IaaS apps/platforms. Including:
  • DLP profile distribution, the apps and buckets affected, DLP alert details
  • Malware detected and specific buckets
  • Public buckets detected
Industry BenchmarksProvides a comparative analysis of Netskope operational metrics between a customer’s environment against other customers, or by industry peers. This dashboard delivers the following:
  • Provides an overview of the organization’s exposure to risk
  • Assesses the security posture of the organization as compared to similar-sized industry peers
  • Identifies security gaps for evidence-based decision making around strategy and resource allocation
  • Tracks score progress over time


This dashboard is view only; copying or editing is not permitted.

To learn more: Industry Benchmarks Dashboard

Insider ThreatRisky users identified performing multiple risky activities; then ranked based on activity level in each risk categories:
  • Upload to non-corporate (event)
  • UBA: Exfiltration to non corporate instances
  • UBA: bulk upload to non-corporate
  • UBA: bulk download from corporate
  • UBA: Compromised credentials
  • DLP alerts with user coaching proceed responses
  • Top users by job sites: job sites/career category (web only) (page event)
Multi Cloud CSA DashboardSimple 3-widget dashboard focused on SaaS and shows:
  • Trend of SaaS CSA Alerts
  • SaaS Alerts by CSP
  • SaaS CSA alerts by CSP & Account ID
New VisualizationsShowcases new visualizations added in Advanced Analytics such as: Sankey, Treemap, Sunburt, Gauge, and Geomap.
Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)This dashboard provides visibility into web traffic isolated by Netskope RBI technology, which helps you monitor your RBI usage and refine your RBI policies & templates applied.
Risk Management: Cloud ServicesThis dashboard will help map activities to a Risk level: Informational, Low, Medium, and High.
SaaS VisibilityThis dashboard provides insights into cloud app adoption through the lens of app, user, and data risk.

You can schedule a dashboard directly from the Netskope shared folder and automatically get updates that Netskope makes to improve that dashboard. If you do not want automatic updates, copy the dashboard into your group or personal folders and schedule from there.

Security OperationsUnderstand activity and protections in the following categories:
  • Policy Violations – Top objects, actions and User coaching trend
  • Data Protection – Top policies, actions and files
  • Malware – Top Malware detected & Trends
  • Malicious URLs – Top blocked, Top Categories
  • Anomalies – Trends
  • URLs – top URLs with and without alerts
SSL Decryption DashboardThis dashboard allows you to see the inspection rate of all traffic sent to Netskope. In addition, you. can review traffic and destinations not inspected, and assess whether there is a business reason to have content inspected for threats, intellectual property, or against specified standards.
Threat Protection DashboardThis dashboard provides a view of threats being prevented by Netskope like malware and visits to malicious sites. It also provides visibility into applications with vulnerabilities being accessed or Web Proxies / Anonymizers being used.
Transaction Events – Activity SummaryThis dashboard provides visibility of transaction events pivoted on key attributes; leverage dashboard level filters to see different views of the data.

Key metrics include:

  • Events breakdown by browser and device
  • Top sites, hosts, and domains
  • Traffic breakdown by users, summarized by HTTP method and byte traffic
  • Traffic breakdown by application
  • Bypassed traffic
Transaction Events InsightsThis dashboard shows summary metrics for transaction events that triggered alerts.

Key metrics include:

  • Top Events with Alerts
  • Top Users with Alerts
  • Count of Users with Alerts
  • Count of Alerts
Transaction Events InvestigationUse this dashboard to explore user activities with policy violations and to uncover potential threats in your environment; leverage dashboard level filters to return events based on selected fields. In addition, click any datapoint in the visualizations to have the detailed table view filtered based on selected value(s).
  • Top Categories by Number of Events
  • Most Visited Domains
  • Top Policy Alerts
  • Events by Action Taken
  • Top Users Triggering Alerts
  • Most Active Users by Number of Events
  • Recent Events
Unsanctioned IaaS SummarySimple 3-widget dashboard to help identify unsanctioned IaaS accounts and who is using them, along with alert info.
User / Organization Unit SummaryGives the visibility into the usage and alerts raised for a user or organization unit. Provides a high level view of risky applications usage, sites visited, top activities, top policy hits, and transaction level details of events and alerts generated for the user or organizational unit.
Web Transaction SSL ErrorsUse this dashboard to check for detailed SSL errors associated with application access.
  • Events with Errors
  • Errors Daily Count
  • Errors by Type
  • Count of Users Encountering Errors
  • Errors by Type Details
Web Usage SummaryProvides visibility into the overall usage of your web traffic in your organization.
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