Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Admins can search for an app using many combinations such as app name, domain, or advanced search (query for apps by their properties). If you search by an app name or domain, you can further refine your search by selecting a Cloud Confidence Level (CCL).

CCL Scores:

  • Excellent: 90 to 100
  • High: 75 to 89
  • Medium: 60 to 74
  • Low: 50 to 59
  • Poor: 0 to 49
  • Discovery only

Category: dropdown contents are pre-defined.

Range: All, Discovered, and Customized are CCI attributes that help refine your search to just the apps that the system discovered or that you customized.

Tags: Tags are app tags that are created/added by you in addition to predefined tags that are Netskope generated for ease of use.

Once your selections are made, click Search to display results.

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Advanced Search

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