Connected App Risk Assessment Catalog

Connected App Risk Assessment Catalog


This feature requires additional licensing. Contact Netskope Support to enable this feature in your account.

A new catalog for Connected App risk assessment is available in CCI. These catalogs provide insight into risks associated with a connected/OAuth app available through Google Workspace and Microsoft App Source marketplaces.

Approximately 500 connected apps are added and more apps are continually added.

Cloud Apps

Click CCI > Cloud Apps to view the CCI details page.

You may see a notice to review pending changes.

Click the “View and Apply the Pending Changes here.” message to review changes before saving. Click Apply to save changes.

Connected Apps

Click CCI > Connected Apps to view the Marketplace App Catalog. This page provides filters for:

  • Marketplace: Google or Microsoft
  • Category: connected app category
  • Permission Level: Permission level is calculated as an aggregate max of the individual OAuth scopes/permissions required by the app. The higher permission level leads to more exposure and higher risk.
  • Vendor Confidence Level: Vendor confidence is derived from the CCL of the SaaS app from the same vendor. A higher vendor confidence level indicates a lesser risk with usage of the connected app.

Click a specific app name to view the details page.

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Connected App Risk Assessment Catalog

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