View Specific App Details

View Specific App Details

Clicking on any of the apps shown opens the app specific details page that allows you to research individual applications.

This page displays app specific info such as:

  • Usage overview (by users, sessions, bytes downloaded / uploaded, first accessed)
  • App trending information (viewable in table or graph format)
  • Activities supported
  • Pricing details (when available)
  • Business risk
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Similar apps by session
  • HQ location
  • Categories
  • CCI details
  • Notes
  • Ability to download the page as a PDF report
  • Specific indicator messages for Activities Supported, such as Risk Insights only, activities supported by the universal connector
  • The application breach indicator displays the breach name, date, and source (also included in the PDF reports).

Hover your mouse over the icon by the app name and click Skope IT or App Analytics to view all the Skope IT events generated for that app or to view a list of users.

Customization of Risk weightage of CCI attributes for a specific app can be done by clicking the Edit Risk option in the App Details page.

For bulk weightage Customisation across a Category or All Apps use the Global Risk Weight option available from the CCI home page.

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