User Interface

User Interface

Netskope performs deep analytics of cloud apps to provide complete visibility of the apps: uncover all cloud apps, view cloud apps across any endpoint or mobile device, drill down into apps, identify user actions within the app, allow content visibility, etc.

Netskope provides event logs, alerts and reports that are useful for analyzing cloud apps usage in your network. You can monitor the logs or create a watch list to be alerted when a specific event occurs. You can also filter the information further to generate reports.

You can, for example, generate a report on a specific user’s activity, or analyze Skope IT events and alerts to view the overall cloud app usage.


The following tools are available in Netskope UI to analyze the cloud apps usage:

  • Netskope Dashboard: Provides the overall enterprise risk score and also allows you to drill-down further to analyze user and app risk.
  • Incidents: Provides views into DLP, anomalies, compromised credentials, malware, malicious sites, quarantine, and legal hold incidents.
  • API Data Protection: Provides views for all of your API Data Protection instances.
  • Policies: Provides views of your Real-time Protection and API Data Protection policies, profiles, templates, and encryption.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Provides an overview of your inventory, compliance posture, and DLP incidents across your deployments in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Skope IT: Provides views generated by the Netskope Analytics engine for applications, sites, users, alerts, and events.
  • Cloud Confidence Index: Analyze risky apps and verify the Cloud Confidence Index/level of all the discovered apps in the network.
  • Reports: Create, view, and manage custom report templates.
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User Interface

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