Migration Workflow

Migration Workflow

You are viewing the Reports (New Experience) BETA documentation. Contact your Netskope Sales team to enable your account for the new experience.

There are a few migration paths for Enhanced Reports. All Legacy Reports users must migrate to Enhanced Reports after the 90 day trial period. Legacy Reports will no longer be accessible after the trial period. Your admin can decide when to start the trial period.

Use the migration tool to migrate your reports and ensure you download any scheduled reports and/or historical runs before migration. This data will not migrate to Enhanced Reports and you will lose access to it after the trial period.
  • Legacy Reports (Classic) > Enhanced Reports
  • Enhanced Reports > Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics > Enhanced Reports

The following outlines the migration workflow at a high level.

  1. Netskope account admin requests Netskope Support to enable the feature in your account.

  2. Log in to your Netskope account and navigate to Reports > Welcome To The New Reports window displays, click Start Now.

    NOTE: Click the Maybe Later button to delay the count down the first time you log in and see the following screen.

    Clicking ‘Start Now’ starts the 90 countdown to fully migrate. After the 90 trial period, you cannot access Legacy Reports. You will see the countdown in the UI in a couple of places.

  3. Click through the Enhanced Reports tour. Click Next to advance to the next dialog box.

  4. Click Migrate Reports to import your existing reports and report groups to Enhanced Reports.

    You’ll see a screen similar to the following which lists all your reports and report groups. Select the report and report groups to import and click Done.

    Find your migrated reports and report groups in the Personal folder.

Historical Runs
Users can preserve any historical runs from legacy reporting platforms by downloading them locally. All historical runs will not be available after your migration period ends (90 days).
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Migration Workflow

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