Acknowledge Compromised Credentials

Acknowledge Compromised Credentials

This endpoint should be used to acknowledge a user whose credentials had been compromised, and subsequently changed their passwords. When a request is made for users with compromised credentials, this user will not be returned, preventing a multi-factor authentication being invoked again for this user.

Request Endpoint


Valid query parameters are:

tokenstringRequired. The token obtained from the REST API page in the Netskope UI ( Settings > Tools > Rest API v1) is required. We recommend that you place the token in the body of the request, not in the endpoint URL.
usersList of email addressesList of users to be acknowledged. Either a comma separated list like users=user1,user2,…, or an array like users=user1&users=user2&… can be used.

Example Request

POST https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/ackanomalies
    "token": "f32a973eddd7bc1602fc0f48dc0a"
    "users": ","
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Acknowledge Compromised Credentials

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