Get User Configuration Data

Get User Configuration Data

This endpoint returns the user configuration items for specified users. You can retrieve the iOS mobile profile or Netskope Client config for a user.

Request Endpoint

GET https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/userconfig

Valid parameters are:

emailValid emailIDThis is the email ID of the user for whom the iOS profile or agent config is to be fetched.
configtypeios | agentIf the value is ios then the ios profile of the user is returned and if the value is ‘agent’ then the branding info for the user (the contents of the nsbranding.json) is returned.


The response is in the standard format except the data will be an array with just one json entry with these structures:

For configtype iOS:

{ "email" : "", "profile" : "................" }


For configtype agent:

{ "email" : "", "brandingdata" : {"SFCheckerHost":"",......,"OrgName":"Shire"}

The iOS profile data will be an XML string, so it’s recommended to copy and store the data in a file. This file would be the iOS profile config file. As the profile size is big (50+ KB), fetching only one profile at a time is supported.

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Get User Configuration Data

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