Update a User Role

Update a User Role


This Netskope REST API v1 endpoint will be retired on 10/15/2024. Refer to End of Life (EOL) for Specific REST API v1 Endpoints for more details.

This endpoint updates user roles and privileges.

Request Endpoint


Valid parameters are:



Required. The token obtained from the REST API page in the Netskope UI ( Settings > Tools > Rest API v1) is required. We recommend that you place the token in the body of the request, not in the endpoint URL.
opstringupdateRequired. Operation performed.

admin | user | analyst

Required. Specifies role to be updated. 

security analyst

Required. Specifies new role name.

User with view only privileges

Required. Describes the role and abilities.
privelegearray{ name: 'administrators', value: 'edit'},

{ name: 'threat', value: 'view'},

{ name: 'reports', value: 'none'},

{ name: 'policies', value: 'apply'}

Required. Specifies functional areas with privilege value.
file_downloadstringtrue |false Default is false.Optional. Allows admins to download, preview and view files from API-enabled Protection and Incident Management
obfuscatearray{ name: 'user', value: true},

{ name: 'userip', value: false},

{ name: 'source', value: true},

{ name: 'file', value: false}

Optional. Allows obfuscating file names and values.

Example Update User Role Request

POST 'https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/role?token=token&op=update' 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
--data-raw '{
  "token": "f32a973eddd7bc1602fc0f48dc0a", 
  "role_name": "Netskope Role",
  "role_desc": "Role Description",
  "privilege": [
      "name": "administrators",
      "value": "view"
      "name": "threat",
      "value": "edit"
  "scope_query": "account_id eq '215406114230'",
  "file_download": true,
  "obfuscate": [
      "name": "user",
      "value": false
      "name": "app",
      "value": true
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Update a User Role

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