Get a CSA Scan Status

Get a CSA Scan Status

This endpoint provides the status of a CSA scan.

GET https://<tenant-name><token>&op=status&scan_id=<hash>

Valid parameters are:

opstatusReturns the status of the scan. 
scan_idHash of the scan ID returned when starting a scan.Required for scan status. Provides the ID of the scan for for which you want status. If an incorrect ID is provided, it will return an empty response.
Request and Response Example
curl -X GET https://<tenant-name><token>&op=status&scan_id=<hash>

    "status": "success",
    "msg": "",
    "data": {
        "scan_results": [
                "status": "In progress",
                "instance": "test-policy",
                "appname": "aws",
                "scan_start_time": 1569867918.178233,
                "policy_name": "aws-policy"
        "errors": [],
        "scan_started_by": ""
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