Get Prep Info to Create an AWS Role

Get Prep Info to Create an AWS Role

This endpoint provides the info needed to create a role in your AWS app. If you do not already have an existing AWS role, you need get the prep info to create a role.


POST https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/introspection_instance?token=<token>&op=get_aws_role_prep_info

Valid payload parameters are:

KeyType ValueValidation
use_forarrayAny of the possible use_for supported by AWS.

"introspection" | "malware" | "securityscan"

Must not be empty array.

Items in array must be supported by AWS.

If "malware" is used, introspection must be also supplied.


Responses for AWS are as follows: 

account_idNetskope account ID
external_IDNetskope external ID
permissions“<json_string>” or “<instruction“. Permission needed. Value is based of the combination in “use_for” supplied in the request.
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Get Prep Info to Create an AWS Role

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