About Pins

The Skope IT pin feature provides customers with the ability to pin a query to the search field. The pinned query will then carry over to the pages for the other event types. You can pin a query across multiple event types including App Events, Page Events, and Alerts pages. The pin is always on by default if it is applicable. Some fields may be specific to an event type. To learn more about which queries correspond to which event types, please see the Skope IT Queries Library to see query fields and applicable event types.

To Pin a Query:

  1. Select the queryNetskope-query-icon.png icon.
  2. Enter a query into the query field.
  3. Click the pin Netskope-Pin-Icon.png icon to pin the query to the search field.
  4. Once the query is pinned to the search field, you can select another event page, and the pinned query will automatically appear in the query field.


To remove a pinned query: Click the pin Netskope-Pin-Icon.png icon.

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