Exclude Specific Apps

Exclude Specific Apps

Some apps are excluded by default, but you can modify this process to exclude specific apps.

To exclude specific apps:

  1. Access the appliance console using ssh.
  2. Log in using the nsadmin/nsappliance credentials. An nsshell opens.
  3. Enter configure to enter the nsshell configure mode.
  4. To get a list of the apps included in event log files, enter the command: add log-upload exclude-applist. This creates an index number for an app extracted in log events. Identify the index number and name of the app you want to exclude.
  5. To exclude an app, enter this command: set log-upload exclude-applist <index> app-name <name of app>.


    To change an app entry, simply enter: set log-upload exclude-applist <index> app-name <name of existing app>-<name of new app>.

  6. To see the updated list of excluded apps, enter this command: show log-upload exclude-applist.
  7. Enter save to activate your changes.
  8. Enter exit to leave the configure mode.
  9. Enter exit to leave the nsshell and exit the appliance console.

To delete apps from the exclude list, follow steps 4 and 5 above but replace set with delete.

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Exclude Specific Apps

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