Configure the Dataplane On-Premises (DPoP) Appliance

Configure the Dataplane On-Premises (DPoP) Appliance

The appliance can act as a proxy server in your network when configured as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance. The appliance processes requests from client machines and sends the event logs to the Netskope cloud.

You must first set the license key and point the device to the Netskope cloud. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the appliance console.
  2. Log into the console using the credentials nsadmin/nsappliance. Your prompt will change to the Netskope shell prompt, nsappliance.


    You can change your password by using the command, auth change-password nsadmin.

  3. At the nsappliance> prompt, enter configure to go to configuration mode.
  4. Get your license key from your Netskope tenant UI (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > On-Premises Infrastructure), and then enter this command to set the license key:
    set system licensekey <licensekey>
  5. Set the DNS server IP address by entering this command:
    set dns primary <dns server IP address>
  6. Enter save to save the configuration.

Configuring the appliance as a Dataplane On-Premises Appliance involves these procedures:

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Configure the Dataplane On-Premises (DPoP) Appliance

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