Physical Setup

Physical Setup

The following instructions describe the process of setting up an appliance for the first time. For software upgrade or rollback procedures, refer to Upgrade the Appliance Software.

Your Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) environment likely consists of one or more N1000s for inspecting traffic and enforcing policies locally. The appliances connect to the Netskope cloud to download configuration and upload events. High-level configuration, analysis, and reporting are performed in your Netskope cloud tenant instance.

Initial setup for each appliance requires you to access the console for each appliance over its respective IPMI interfaces. During the initial setup over IPMI, the inbound interface and a DNS server IP must be configured on each unit.

You will also need the license key provided in your Netskope cloud tenant UI in order to access software content updates, which are made available thru To get the license key, go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > On-Premises Infrastructure.

Configuration Methods

The appliances have two primary means of configuration, each used for a specific purpose:

Configuration MethodPurpose
IPMI-based configurationInitial, one-time configuration for the units’ network interfaces and the primary DNS server.
ssh-based console configurationAll other configuration operations.

Default IPMI Configuration

The IPMI interface has the following network configuration:

Interface/NetworkIP AddressNetmaskGateway

Power Up the Appliance

  1. To begin, remove each unit from its box and either rack the unit in a standard 19-inch rack or place them on a stable flat surface.
  2. Using a standard NEMA 5-15P-to-IEC320C13 AC power cable, plug one end into the each power supply of the appliance and the other into your power source.
  3. After you plug the unit into your power source(s), press the power button on the front of the appliance. The power LED will light green and the appliance will begin powering up.
  4. Wait approximately 3 minutes for the appliance to fully power up.


Before turning off the appliance using the power button, log in to the appliance (using ssh or IPMI) and enter the command shutdown. Use the power button to turn off the appliance only after issuing this command.

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Physical Setup

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