Upgrade the Appliance Software

Upgrade the Appliance Software


Before upgrading the appliance software, contact .

There are several options for upgrading your appliance software. You can upgrade the entire software package, or just upgrade one component of the software package. The components you can upgrade are:

  • AppInfo: Contains information about the apps listed in the Cloud Confidence Index (CCI), like category, domains, and activities. Only the management plane appliance uses this component.
  • AppMeta: Contains the icons and images for the apps that appear in the UI. Only the management plane appliance uses this component.
  • Content: Contains the connector and parser code that controls the apps managed by the appliance.


Rollback from Appliance Release to versions earlier than is not supported.

Upgrading the entire software package takes about an hour, and the component upgrades take a couple of minutes. One best practice is to schedule a maintenance window for the upgrade process because services will be shutdown and restarted during the upgrade process.


These procedures only apply to upgrades from version 96.0.0 and above.

Before starting the upgrade, stop the log upload process on the appliance and wait 10 minutes to ensure all log processing has completed. To stop log processing, enter this command: lp01> log-upload stop


If you have more than one appliance, ensure all log processing is stopped before upgrading all your appliances. Also, make sure all your appliances have the same version of the software package before restarting your log processing.

There are three ways to upgrade the software using SSH:

  • Use standard CLI commands
  • Use SCP pull commands
  • Use SCP push commands.

The topics in this section explain the command line procedures required to upgrade or rollback software on the N1000 and N5000 Netskope appliances. The commands shown are for upgrading the entire software package, but can also be used for upgrading components by changing designated code strings within the commands. All procedures require you to have SSH access to the appliance command line interface (CLI).


Before upgrading the software on your appliances:

  • Backup your management plane appliance. For more information, refer to Back Up the Management Plane Appliance.
  • The appliance must be connected to a lightweight tenant UI with the license key from the Netskope tenant UI configured on the appliance command line.
  • You must enable the outbound connection from the appliance to use download-<tenant-URL> on port 443.
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Upgrade the Appliance Software

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