Install Software using SCP Push Commands

Install Software using SCP Push Commands

To use this procedure, you must first download the software package to a local SCP server. Please contact (Netskope Support) to obtain the latest software upgrade package. You must then push the package to the appliance via SCP. The default appliance SCP credentials are: nstransfer/nsappliance.


You must login as nstransfer user to use SCP.

If you have a software version older that 38.10, upgrade to this version before upgrading to 42.14.


To upgrade a software component instead of the complete software package, replace software with appinfo, appmeta, or content in the commands.

To install a software upgrade with SCP push:

  1. From the remote host with the software package, SCP to the appliance’s /home/nstransfer/upgrade directory and enter this command:
    scp <filename.pkg> nstransfer@<inbound-IP>:upgrade
  2. After the SCP push is complete, enter this command:
    mp01> upgrade software from path /home/nstransfer/upgrade/<filename.pkg>
  3. This starts the software prepare process. Enter this command to confirm when the prepare process is complete:
    mp01> upgrade software status prepare
  4. Enter this command to install the new software package:
    upgrade software install

    To check the status of the install process, enter this command:

    install software status

    Status: SUCCESS will display when the install process is complete.

  5. Enter this command to verify the version of the software package installed:
    show version-info
  6. After the install process is complete, enter this command to reset the provisioner:
    restart provisioner
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Install Software using SCP Push Commands

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