Install a Virtual Appliance

Install a Virtual Appliance

Netskope’s Virtual Appliance can be installed on VMware ESX 6.5 or later, Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux KVM, and AWS AMI.

Before you begin, decide whether the appliance will be setup as OPLP, Secure Forwarder, or a proxy server. Depending on the intended setup you can add one, two, or three network interfaces.

An OPLP or DPoP appliance will only require a single interface to connect to the Netskope cloud. For more information on setting up a Virtual Appliance as an OPLP, see Configure the Interfaces.

A Secure Forwarder appliance can require up to three interfaces based on your network. For more information on setting up a Virtual Appliance as a Secure Forwarder, see Configure the Virtual Appliance.

Hash values for Virtual Appliance Installation Files

The following table provides the md5sum and sha256sum values for the Virtual Appliance installer files on VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM platforms for version

File Typemd5sumsha256sum
ESX OVA39a3615d1540afb5ff28c7e0801c596856b5756f90a6f175dcfbcc5675885344010c0477ed03017322be32322bcf5a91
Hyper-V Image519b1545022cef420e1bb07d6d07aff17d3e23007a56c09c5a8118da0409ad0c485302fc52781372a11cb804568fd0f8
KVM Image2a28a5e0dc51f92d83204934c3f5e2b13298797d857347e60faaa9071509d216e802429e7dfbfd304339fc97ed92c375

The following topics provide detailed instructions to install the VA on any of the supported platforms.

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