Integrate with Active Directory for Username Visibility

Integrate with Active Directory for Username Visibility

If the log file does not contain a username field, then the source IP address is logged as the username for the cloud app traffic. The source IP address alone does not provide you with the necessary visibility to quickly analyze the business and security risks associated with the app. Visibility into cloud app usage at a user level, not just at an IP address level, really helps you align application usage with business unit requirements.

The Netskope Adapters and OPLP VA provide the ability to integrate with Active Directory (AD) service to retrieve the IP > user mapping and use that information to provide user visibility for log processing.

To integrate AD with your OPLP:

  1. Install and configure the Netskope Adapter following the instructions in the Netskope Adapters.
  2. In the Netskope Adapters guide, go to the Configure AD Connector section and follow the instructions under Secure Forwarder IPs.
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