Log in to the Appliance

Log in to the Appliance

The appliance has two different command prompts:

  • <hostname>: This is the nsshell prompt.
  • <hostname>(config): This is the configuration prompt (nsshell prompt in configuration mode).

You can login to the appliance using one of the two admin user accounts, nsadmin or nstransfer. The nsadmin user account has the privilege to operate and configure the appliance. Whereas the nstransfer user account can be used to upload logs from the appliance using protocols like SFTP, SCP, or FTP.


Netskope recommends that you set a new password for nsadmin and nstransfer user accounts to secure your appliance. To learn more: Change the Appliance Password.

Change the Appliance Password

When setting up a new password for your appliance, follow the best practices, such as:

  • Set a password with a minimum length of 12 characters.
  • Include upper-case and lower-case alphabets, number, and special characters.
  • Change passwords every 90 days.
  • Do not reuse old passwords.

To change your appliance password:

  1. Connect to the virtual appliance console.
  2. Log into the virtual appliance using the credentials: nsadmin/nsappliance.
  3. Change your password by using the following command.
    nsappliance> auth change-password nsadmin
    New password: <newpassword>
    Retype new password: <newpassword>
    passwd: password updated successfully
    nsappliance> auth change-password nstransfer
    New password: <newpassword>
    Retype new password: <newpassword>
    passwd: password updated successfully
  4. At the nsshell prompt, enter configure to go into configuration mode. The command prompt changes to the nsshell configuration prompt (<hostname>(config)).
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