Configure a SOCKS Proxy

Configure a SOCKS Proxy

The appliance uploads processed data to Netskope using SFTP to upload-<tenant hostname>, which requires connectivity on port 22 from the appliance. The SOCKS proxy only works with the cloud in tethered mode. 


The domain name shown above applies to release 46 and higher. Using version 46 and later requires using the new domain names. For deployments on release 45 or lower, use

  1. If the SFTP traffic needs to be routed through a SOCKS Proxy, then enter these commands at the configuration prompt to specify the SOCKS proxy server:
    set log-upload socks-proxy hostname <hostname or IP address>
    set log-upload socks-proxy port <port>
    set log-upload socks-proxy username <username>
    set log-upload socks-proxy password <password>
    set log-upload socks-proxy-version <version 4 or 5>
  2. To save the SOCKS proxy configuration, enter save at the configuration prompt.
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