API Data Protection for Box

API Data Protection for Box

Using API Data Protection involves first configuring the API connection for Box, and then creating API Data Protection policies that scan for policy violations. Lastly, use the API Data Protection dashboard to view analytics about your Box app usage.


Box provides an optional centralized ownership model in which one or more administrator(s) can create individual folders for each user within their centralized home folders and then share the users’ folder with corresponding users. The administrator is the owner of all files and folders in the organization and the users are co-owners or editors. This model puts restrictions on Netskope operations in terms of API rate limits since Box applies rate limits at a per-user level. Netskope operations may slow down if affected by API rate limits. Netskope provides an opt-in feature to address this limitation ensuring seamless and scalable API data protection for Box environment operating in this model. Contact Netskope support to get this feature enabled if your Box account operates in centralized ownership model.

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