This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies files, objects, and messages that trigger a policy violation.

Support Folder-based Policies for Egnyte

In Egnyte, shared/team folders can be created by an administrator only. An administrator can add collaborators to folders. Folders are separated in two categories:

  • Team folder: Can be created by an administrator only.
  • Personal folder: Can be created by a user. This folder is the private folder of a user.

With this feature, administrators can create policies to handle either team, personal folder, or both.


In API Data Protection, shared folder (in Egnyte) is termed as team folder.

Following are the use cases for Egnyte:

  • A policy can be applied to all users, all folders, or select team or all personal folders.
  • A policy can be applied to a subset of users and all team folders or subset of folders. When you choose subset of folders, team folders and personal folders are shown separately. List of team folders have all the team folders irrespective of users selected; for personal folders, only the selected users’ folders are shown.
  • A policy can be applied based on a matching folder name. You can enter a matching string. If the string matches with the folder name, the policy is triggered. For example, if a user has applied a policy on the folder name called Case, the policy will be triggered for all folders in the Egnyte app with the name Case. The policy will not be triggered for a folder name Case Sensitive.

Prior to release 48, folder selection was part of Users > Subset of Users policy workflow. In release 48, folder selection is separated out from users. Folders to Scan option is part of Content policy workflow. This option has the following choices:

  • All Folders: With this option, all folders irrespective of team or personal are scanned.
  • Select Folders: With this option, additional options are available; Team Folders and Personal Folders. You can select team, personal folders, or both for scanning.


    If you select All Users, User Profiles, or User Groups from the Users policy workflow, you can only select all personal folders. You cannot select subset of personal folders.

  • Match Folder Name In: With this option, you can enter a string matching the Egnyte app folder name. The string is matched with the folder name in either all folders, all team folders, or all personal folders. Based on a folder name match, the policy is triggered.

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