Google Ecosystem Page

Google Ecosystem Page

The Google Ecosystem page provides a high-level overview on the status as well as stats of apps used within your enterprise. You have the ability to search for apps that may violate corporate policy and remediate the issue.


A new ID field is introduced. This field is the unique ID of the Google app/plugin.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

To begin, click a Google app instance from the left navigate pane.

The Google Ecosystem page displays these primary panels on top of the page:

  • Apps by Install information: Shows the list of apps based on the number of installs.
  • Apps by Scope information: Shows the list of Google scopes based on the number of apps using the scope.
  • Apps by CCL information: Shows the number of apps in each cloud confidence level (CCL) category, plus the unknowns.
  • Apps by Category information: Shows the distribution of apps based on app category.

Graphs appear by default, but you can also view the data in a table instead of a graph by clicking the table icon. To view a graph, click the graph icon.

The main portion of the page contains a table showing app name, app category, CCL, app severity, number of users, and scope information. By default, only the high severity apps are shown; these are apps that have at least one high severity scope in use.

The Google Ecosystem page allows you to search for specific files and folders using filters. To use the search filters, click the filter icon to apply one or more of these filters:

  • App Name: Find partial or complete name of apps.
  • User Name: Find apps used by a specific user.

    You can also search for information by clicking the + sign to use these predefined filters:

  • App Category: Find apps based on the category.
  • Apps/Plugins: Find just apps or just plugins by selecting one.
  • Status: Find apps based on whether they are trusted or revoked.
  • CCL: Find apps based on their rating.
  • App Severity: Find apps based on a high or low severity rating.
  • Scope: Find apps based on the Google scopes used by the app. Select All, High Impact, or Low Impact to further filter the scopes shown.

Based on the filter used, a list of apps displays in a table on the page. To view the details about an app, click on a row to open the details window. If the app name is blue, click to go the CCL report for that app.

To remediate, select the checkbox beside the app name, and then click Revoke to deny access.

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Google Ecosystem Page

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