Internal Domain Limitations

Internal Domain Limitations
  • Post-processed files will not be processed again and there will be no change to the file exposure for such files.
  • Netskope will not support files that belong to the domains other than the admin domain.
  • Netskope tracks three categories of users:
    • Users in the Office 365 admin domain
    • Users not in the admin domain but in a domain that is listed as internal during the provisioning time of the Office 365 app
    • External users (as for Office 365)

    Netskope will only list users that belong to the Office 365 admin domain, under the Internal Users tab of the API Data Protection dashboard. Office 365 does not list users belonging to domains listed as internal in Netskope. Users that belong to the internal domain, although are not listed under the Internal Users tab of the API Data Protection dashboard, will continue to be treated as internal users for policy scans. These internal users will be listed in case of sharing-related activities in the File Details page of the API Data Protection dashboard.

  • Only those users who have access to root team site will be processed by Netskope.
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