Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Files and Users Page

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Files and Users Page

The Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint files and users page provides a high-level overview of files, files with DLP violations, malware files, internal and external users, file exposure, and types of files.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

To view the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint dashboard, log in to the Netskope tenant UI, navigate to API Data Protection, click a Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint app instance from the left navigation pane.

The summary page displays the following statistics:

  • Total Files: Total number of files scanned in SharePoint account.
  • Files with DLP Violations: Total number of files with DLP violations.
  • Malware Files: Total number of files infected with malware.
  • Internal Users: Total number of internal users within the organization.
  • External Users: Total number of external users outside the organization.
  • File Exposure: Total number of exposed files, and the number of private, cross-geo, internal, public, and externally shared files.
  • File Types: Types of files monitored, including folders, data files, images, videos, documents, binary streams, spreadsheets, native Box documents, text files, etc.
  • File DLP Violations: Files that have sensitive data and are scanned by the Netskope DLP engine. This information is gathered by both DLP profiles and rules.

You can click any of the graph values to get a detailed view of files and users.

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Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Files and Users Page

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