ServiceNow Summary Page

ServiceNow Summary Page

The ServiceNow summary page provides a high-level overview on the status as well as statistics of objects, object types, and violations.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

To view the ServiceNow dashboard, log in to the Netskope tenant UI, navigate to API Data Protection, click a ServiceNow app instance from the left navigate pane.

The summary displays these primary panels:

  • Objects with Violations: Displays the total number of objects scanned and objects with violations.
  • Objects with Most Violations: Displays object names with corresponding violations in a bar graph.
  • Top DLP Violations: Displays the total number of DLP-violated objects per DLP profile. The bar graph is categorized by DLP profile.
  • Object Types: Displays the number of incidents and problems.

You can click any of the graph values to get a detailed view of the objects.

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