Create an API Data Protection Policy

Create an API Data Protection Policy

To discover existing data residing within your sanctioned cloud services, create an API Data Protection policy with the desired options and actions. The Netskope UI guides you through the process of configuring policies for each of your cloud apps on a single web page.

Cloud apps have unique features, so the policy options vary depending on the app you select on the top of the page. Choose the topic below for the app API connector you have configured.

Slack introduced a new feature “Canvas”. API Data Protection for Slack Enterprise can scan for DLP through direct messages, 1:n messages, channels, threads, and replies within a Slack Canvas. However, API Data Protection cannot scan attachments in Slack Canvas. This is due to lack of underlying Slack API support.

For a list of supported actions per cloud app, refer to API Data Protection Policy Actions per Cloud App.

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Create an API Data Protection Policy

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