“Workplace from Meta” Posts with Violations Page

“Workplace from Meta” Posts with Violations Page

The Posts with Violations page displays a list of Meta posts with DLP violations.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

The Posts with Violations page displays a table with the following fields:

  • Post ID: Unique ID of the post.
  • Group: The “Workplace from Meta” group the post belongs to.
  • # Group Members: Number of members in the group.
  • Exposure: The exposure of the post. There are four types of exposure viz., public, private, externally shared, and internally shared.
  • Poster: Owner of the post.
  • Poster Type: The type of user. There are three types of users: internal, external, and bot.
  • Violations In: The location of the violation in “Workplace from Meta”. The violation can be for a file, comment, or post.
  • Policy Hit: The triggered policy due to the violation.
  • Last Updated At: The time stamp of the violation.
  • File Name: Name of the file where the violation exists. This is the file a user shares as a post.
  • # Users with Violations: Number of users who have a DLP violation.

The Posts with Violations page allows you to search for specific post using filters. To use the search filters, click + Add Filter to apply one or more of these filters:

  • Poster Name: Filter posts based on the email address of the poster.
  • Post ID: Filter posts based on the post ID.
  • Violations In: Filter violations based on file, comment, or post.
  • Poster Type: Filter posts based on internal, external, or bot user.
  • Exposure: Filter posts based on their exposure like public, private, externally shared, or internally shared.
  • Workplace Group: Filter posts based on a particular group(s).
  • File Name: Filter posts based on a file name.
  • File Type: Filter posts based on the type of file.
  • DLP Policy Hit: Filter posts that violate a DLP policy.
  • DLP Profile: Filter posts that may have critical information like PCI, PII, PHI, or any DLP profile.
  • DLP Rule: Filter posts that violate predefined and custom data identifiers in your profiles.

Based on the filter used, a list of posts is displayed in the table. To view complete details about a message, click on an item to open the Post Details summary. The Interactions field is newly introduced in release 54. The field has three attributes:

  • Views: Number of views for a post.
  • Likes: Number of likes for a post.
  • Reactions: Number of reactions (admiration, laugh, sad, angry, etc.) for a post.

The Posts with Violations page also allows you to:

  • Download files. Select the checkbox beside the post ID of the table and click Download File to save a zip file locally.
  • Export the contents of the table. Click Export to download a spreadsheet file. On the Export window, you can select the columns and rows, and type the name of the export file.
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“Workplace from Meta” Posts with Violations Page

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