Device Intelligence Exchange

Device Intelligence Exchange

Device Intelligence now supports integration with Netskope Cloud Exchange and this integration is named as Device Intelligence Exchange. This is built for device context. It will be a Cloud-based SaaS offering managed by Netskope.

Device Intelligence Exchange is an advanced integration capability of Device Intelligence. It uses Netskope Cloud Exchange platform to facilitate integrations with third party tools for data enrichment. It must not be mistaken to be another module of Cloud Exchange.
Contact your Netskope sales representative or Netskope support team to enable this feature for your tenant.

This integration allows users to ingest and enrich the device context within Device Intelligence. Through pull requests, you can enrich alerts and make better decisions on what devices must be blocked and what must be allowed.

Currently, Device Intelligence supports the following plugin configurations:

  • Tanium

  • Qualys

  • ServiceNow

  • Infoblox

  • Microsoft Entra ID (Previously known as Azure AD)

Device Intelligence Exchange is an intermediary for these integrations, and will gather device context provided by these plugins and transfer it to Device Intelligence through Push APIs transactions.


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Device Intelligence Exchange

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