Getting Started with Device Intelligence Exchange

Getting Started with Device Intelligence Exchange

Follow the steps to get your hands on this feature:

1 – Enable Device Intelligence Exchange

You need to contact your Netskope sales representative or Netskope support team to enable this feature for your tenant.

2 – Cloud Exchange login in Device Intelligence

Follow the steps to log in to Cloud Exchange:

  1. Log in to your Device Intelligence tenant.

  2. Navigate to Manage > Integrations menu.

  3. Click on the Cloud Exchange tab.

  4. Click on the Visit Cloud Exchange button. You will be automatically navigated to Netskope Cloud Exchange using tokenized authentication.

The session will expire in 2 hours. You will have to follow the same steps to re-login.

3 – Configure plugins in Cloud Exchange

The following steps use Microsoft Entra ID as an example. Follow the steps to configure the plug in:

  1. In Cloud Exchange, Navigate to Settings > Plugins. Choose Microsoft Entra ID.

  2. Enter the configuration name and click Next. Let us consider the configuration name is “Entra ID Demo”.

  3. Enter the configuration parameters for the integration and Save the changes. You will be navigated to Device Intelligence > Plugins. You will see a new tile with the configuration name “Entra ID Demo”.

    It takes some time to reflect the changes in the UI.
  4. Navigate to the Logging section and you will see in the logs that the data is being sent from Cloud Exchange to Device Intelligence.

  5. In Device Intelligence, go to the Manage > Assets menu. Filter the results with the configured source name, for example “source = Entra ID Demo”. The devices transferred from Cloud Exchange to Device Intelligence system with valid MAC addresses will appear in the Imported section, while those missing MAC addresses will be present in the Non-importable section.

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Getting Started with Device Intelligence Exchange

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