Use cases of Device Intelligence

Use Cases of Device Intelligence

Device Intelligence is an agentless, innovative, and smart device security solution that provides visibility into all the internet-connected “Things” in the enterprise network and secures them with a context-driven, zero trust approach. The solution’s HyperContext platform uncovers managed and un-managed devices on both the radio and network spectrum and leverages AI/ML algorithms to generate deep, device-level contextual intelligence for solving the hybrid enterprise challenges through the following use cases:

  • Device classification and visibility – Scanning the hybrid enterprise landscape to discover and classify a range of managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices, including smartphones, audio conferencing devices, smart cameras, thermostats, etc., with rich contextual information for deep insights into device behavior and activity.
  • Cybersecurity asset management – Comprehensive asset management with built-in asset inventory engine. The solution correlates multiple device interfaces to a single entity, providing an accurate account of devices and driving mandatory service compliance in adherence to corporate policies.
  • Device risk – Continuous monitoring of devices to detect anomalies and generate unique device risk scores based on their characteristics and activities, exchanging device attributes with SIEM and SOAR tools for automated remedial actions and minimizing alert fatigue.
  • Access control and segmentation – Dynamic asset grouping and micro segmentation based on context and real-time device behavior, and orchestrating actions using existing network systems such as network access control (NAC), firewalls, and access points.
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Use cases of Device Intelligence

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