Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Prevention System

Netskope Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) (formerly Client Traffic Exploit Prevention or CTEP) protects users in real time against known and unknown threats, which leverage common vulnerabilities in applications, services, and websites. As users connect from anywhere, Netskope IPS must be integrated with the SASE architecture to protect them. Netskope’s high efficacy detection approach simplifies deployment and ease of use with single-click enablement, without requiring a complex engine and signature and performance tuning. Netskope’s unique detection precision provides integrated alerts to improve operational efficiency by reducing signature-based threat alert noise, allowing organizations to focus on real threats and remediation.

The Netskope IPS engine is included with Standard and Advanced Threat Protection, adding more defenses in depth security posture for your organization.

Netskope IPS scans network traffic to find and prevent vulnerability exploits like malicious applications or services that try to affect your network. To prevent intrusion, you can:

  • Alert the administrator or user about the threat.
  • Block malicious traffic packets.

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Intrusion Prevention System

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