View Private Apps and Network Events in Skope IT

View Private Apps and Network Events in Skope IT

Skope IT provides insight into private app usage by tracking Private Apps and Network Events, which can be compiled into a report. When creating a report, click Add Widget and select Network from the Query dropdown list.

Skope IT pages have filters to refine search results, and you can save a filter for future use. There’s also a dropdown to sort by, plus a button to export data.


The options on Skope IT pages vary. For example, you can create an app and a policy, plus see events on the Private App Skope IT page, but not on the Network Events page. To learn more, go to Skope IT.

Private Apps

Private Apps in Skope IT enable you to monitor private apps and view relevant details, like application names, host and port information, the Publisher used and the number of users, plus bytes uploaded and downloaded. Go to Skope IT > Private Apps. To filter for Discovered Apps, click the + icon beside App Discovery, and then click View Discovered Apps.


Network Events

Network events enable you to monitor private app traffic and view relevant details, like who has access to what, from where, and for how long. To view Network Events, go to Skope IT > Events > Network Events.


To view detailed information about a network event, click the icon. Under General, Traffic Type (Private Apps), Access Method (Client or Browser Access), and Tunnel Type (NPA) are shown.


You can also filter network events to show only Private Apps.

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