Create a Security Posture Policy

Create a Security Posture Policy

To create a security posture policy:

  1. Log in to the Netskope tenant UI.
  2. Navigate to Policies > Security Posture.

    The Security Posture page opens.

  3. Click New Policy.

    The New Security Posture Policy page opens.

  4. Under Instance, select the SaaS app and the corresponding SaaS account. For public cloud, select the IaaS instance.

    You can keep the account set to All as well.

  5. Under Profile & Action, select the predefined security posture profiles. Under Action, select the appropriate policy action when a profile match is found.

    When you select Show Rules, the rules related to the selected profiles are displayed under Rules & Actions. You can click on the rule to view the rule details.

  6. Under Policy Name, provide a name for the policy.
    1. Expand Policy Description, enter a short description of the profile.
    2. Expand Email Notification and provide the following:
      • Frequency of the notification.
      • You can send the email notification either to the admin or selected user(s).


        The admin user is the same user that was used to create the app instance in Settings > Configure App Access > Classic > SaaS or IaaS.

      • Optionally, the sender’s email address.

      Click Done.

  7. Under Status, click on the slider to enable the policy.
  8. Click Save to save the policy.
  9. On the Security Posture page, click Apply Changes.

Once you apply changes, Netskope accesses and analyzes the posture of the SaaS app and public cloud resources, and alerts the administrator for risk and possible remediation.

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Create a Security Posture Policy

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