Security Posture Management for AWS

Security Posture Management for AWS

Netskope provides a security assessment framework which accesses and analyzes the posture of the AWS resources and alerts the administrator for risk and possible remediation. The following workflow diagram provides a visual representation of the steps required to configure your AWS accounts for Continuous Security Assessment (CSA).


The set up uses a Cloud Formation Template (CFT), aws-instance-setup.yml that is customized with permissions required for Netskope to assume an IAM role. The IAM role enables Netskope to scan for all the resources in your AWS environment and continuously assess your public cloud deployments to mitigate risk, detect threats, scan and protect sensitive data, and monitor for regulatory compliance. To learn more, see “What happens in the process?” section in Step 2/2: Configure AWS Permissions for CSA.

Netskope Public Cloud Security enables you to simultaneously configure multiple AWS accounts in a single region for CSA. To learn more: Enabling Security Posture Management for AWS.

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Security Posture Management for AWS

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