UEBA for Google Cloud Platform

UEBA for Google Cloud Platform


This is a beta feature. Contact your Netskope sales representative to enable it on your tenant.

Netskope Public Cloud Security enables you to configure your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) organization/project with Google Cloud Logging for behavior analytics. The following workflow diagram provides a visual representation of the steps required to configure your GCP organization/project for UEBA.


The setup broadly comprises of:

  1. Create a custom role named Netskope_UEBA_Role with permissions required by Netskope for validating the instance creation.
  2. Create a service account with the role created in step 1.
  3. Create and download the JSON private key. This key will be used during the GCP instance setup on the Netskope UI.
  4. Create aggregated log sink with Netskope hosted pub/sub as destination. The format followed by Netskope for the pub/sub topic will be projects/ns-iaas-ueba-prod/topics/ns_ueba4gcp_<tenant-ui-hostname>.
  5. Note down the service account of the log sink which will be used during the GCP instance setup on the Netskope UI.
  6. Create a GCP instance on the Netskope UI.

To view detailed steps, see: Configure Google Cloud Platform for Cloud Logging.

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