Choose a Traffic Steering Method

Choose a Traffic Steering Method

There are notable differences between Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker and Netskope Secure Web Gateway traffic steering modes.

For CASB mode, enforcement points (for example, Client, Secure Forwarder, data plane on-premises, etc.) check if the traffic is destined to any of the applications that Netskope tracks in the CCI database. If yes, the steering mechanisms either steers it towards Netskope’s cloud or processes it (data plane on-premises). If no, Netskope passes the traffic to the regular next-hop/destination based on your environment.

Netskope Secure Web Gateway views all web traffic regardless if it’s CASB or not and processes it according to your environment. Web traffic is any traffic that uses the HTTP protocol. 

Traffic steering mode is controlled by a global tenant flag. Netskope Secure Web Gateway must be provisioned for a tenant. When it is provisioned, the Default Tenant config can be set to steer Web and Cloud Apps. A custom Steering Configuration can be specific to an OU or User Group.

Netskope offers the following steering options:

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Choose a Traffic Steering Method

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