Delete an Instance

Delete an Instance

Once you have successfully migrated the Classic SaaS apps to the Next Generation API Data Protection, you can now delete the Classic SaaS app instances. Before you delete, read the following section.

Deleting a Classic SaaS app instance is an irreversible action. The instance may be used by CASB API, Malware, Security Posture. The protection(s) will stop and findings will no longer be generated after the instance is deleted. Additionally, the SaaS app instance may be used as a storage destination for forensics, quarantine, or legal hold. The stored data are not in a public format and cannot be read after the instance is deleted.

Instance Function vs Delete Action

Instance type user setupIf you delete a Classic app instance...
Consequence to administrator
Suggested action by administrator
No more data security.
Ensure that the user has created the Next Generation
Security Posture
No more security posture findings.
Re-grant access to SaaS Security Posture Management.
No more quarantine data visibility on the Incidents page. An administrator can no longer perform actions to the quarantined files.
Disposition all the files stored in the quarantine folder.
Legal Hold
No more legal hold data visibility on the Incidents page.
No more forensic data visibility on the Incidents page.
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