Next Generation API Data Protection Policy Wizard

Next Generation API Data Protection Policy Wizard

The policy wizard feature is extended to Atlassian Confluence, Citrix ShareFile, GitHub, Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, Workday, and Zoom. Support will be extended to new apps in due course.

To discover existing data residing within your sanctioned cloud services, create an API Data Protection policy with the desired options and actions. The Netskope UI guides you through the process of configuring policies for each of your cloud apps on a single web page.

Cloud apps have unique features, so the policy options vary depending on the app you select on the top of the page. Choose the topic below for the app API connector you have configured.

For a list of supported actions per cloud app, refer to Next Generation API Data Protection Feature Matrix per Cloud App.

You can view the Next Generation API Data Protection policy page by navigating to Policies > API Data Protection. Under SAAS, click the Next Gen tab. The policy page displays a list of policies configured for the SaaS apps. The fields are:

  • Name: Name of the policy.

  • App Instance: Name of the SaaS app and instance.

  • Scan Criteria: The scanning definitions of the policy. This field shows the user value selected in the policy wizard page.

  • Profile: List of profiles associated with the policy.

  • Action: Action the policy is expected to take.

  • Alerts: Alerts generated in the last 30 days.

  • Description: A brief description of the policy.

  • Last Edit: Last time and date the policy was edited.

You can edit, revert, close, disable, and delete a policy. Click the more options icon () to the right of the policy entry and select one of the following options:

  • Edit: On selecting this option, you can edit the policy.

  • Revert: On selecting this option, Netskope reverts the policy to its last applied change.

    This option is available only for a policy with pending changes.
  • Clone: On selecting the option, Netskope creates a duplicate copy of the policy.

  • Disable: On selecting this option, Netskope disables the policy and stops the scan for the policy.

  • Delete: On selecting this option, Netskope deletes the policy.

    If you delete a policy, scanning stops at the next scan interval. The existing scan continues to run till it finishes.

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