Next Generation File Sharing Exposure

Next Generation File Sharing Exposure

Cloud storage and file sharing SaaS apps bring several advantages to enterprises because of convenience and scale. However, when not managed properly, file sharing can have serious implications with respect to data security. File sharing is a necessity for today’s enterprises, as staff and business partners become increasingly globalized and need access to files and documents for efficient productivity and collaboration. However, to avoid data leaks, enterprises should take corrective steps toward achieving file sharing security.

Next Generation API Data Protection protects against data loss and theft due to file sharing. Next Generation API Data Protection supports various file sharing exposure for SaaS apps. Here is a definition of various file sharing options:

Exposure OptionsDefinitionExposure Value
OwnerNot shared with anyoneOwner
InternalShared between users and groups from one single domain defined in Internal Domains or defined as an internal user in the app instance.Internal
All Internal UsersShared between all users and groups organization-wide.All Internal Users
ExternalShared with external users and groups.External
AnonymousShared with general public. Accessible by anyone.Anonymous

The table below lists the file sharing options supported by various SaaS apps:

Apps/File Sharing ExposureOwnerInternalAll Internal UsersExternalAnnonymous
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint
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Next Generation File Sharing Exposure

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