SaaS Security Posture Management Dashboard

SaaS Security Posture Management Dashboard

The API-enabled Protection page for SaaS apps provide holistic information of your SaaS app deployments that are governed by the Netskope platform. The pages provide an aggregated overview of your security posture compliance, inventory, and resources across your SaaS app deployments.

To view the dashboards, log in to Netskope tenant, navigate to API-enabled Protection > Security Posture SaaS in the Netskope UI, and then click one of the links in the left panel. This section has 3 pages:

  • The Overview page provides a summary of the following:
    • SaaS apps configured in SaaS Security Posture Management.


      The Applications widget now shows a summary of 3rd party connected apps.

      Total number of users across SaaS apps and the past 7 days trend graph.Total number of findings which includes passed and failed rules and findings broken down by severity/apps, and past 7 days trend graph.Compliance standard pass percentage, percentage of passed rules by compliance standard, past 7 days trend graph, and failed findings count by compliance standard.
  • You can look into the compliance scan results on the Findings page against the compliance standard you want to measure against such as CIS, PCI, or your own compliance standard.
  • You can drill down into your SaaS app inventory on the Inventory dashboard.
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