URL Lookup

URL Lookup

The URL Lookup page enables you to enter a URL in the Netskope UI and retrieve the corresponding Netskope category and policy information. The category is unified information for predefined and custom categories. The lookup entry can be a URL or a domain, the search returns the predefined Netskope categories as well as any custom category to which the URL is classified. This feature also displays applicable policies to the URL and/or domain. URL Lookup checks for both Dynamic URL classifications and unclassified URLs.


If Dynamic URL Classification is enabled, the results might be inconsistent due to being temporarily cached and limited to a proxy mode.

To access the URL Lookup page, go to Policies > Web > URL Lookup. Type a single URL or domain one at a time.


After you type a valid URL, the results displays in two tables related to categories and policies. The category table shows name and type (predefined or custom) and the policy table shows name only.


If the URL is miscategorized, use Custom Categories to define a custom URL category or Report Miscategorization.

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URL Lookup

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