SaaS Security Posture Management for Zoom

SaaS Security Posture Management for Zoom

The Netskope app for Zoom enables an administrator to gain visibility and insight into the configuration settings and security posture of their Zoom account. Administrators can configure alerts to detect policy violations based on popular benchmarks and standards such as the CIS benchmark, SOC 2, HIPAA, and more. The Netskope Platform supports a broad collection of rules and compliance standards out of the box, as well as the ability to add custom rules based on the data Netskope gathers about connected Zoom accounts.

Note that in order to use Netskope for Zoom, you will also need an account on the Netskope platform and a paid Zoom plan. All features described above are available through your Netskope account. To learn more, visit


Netskope does not integrate with the free or basic Zoom plan.

To configure security posture for Zoom, follow the links below:

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SaaS Security Posture Management for Zoom

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