Clone a SaaS Security Posture Rule

Clone a SaaS Security Posture Rule

You can create new rules now by cloning the existing ones with predefined NGL query definition, category, remediation steps, and description. You can edit the fields of the cloned rule and make your own version of the rule. This feature is beneficial when you want to modify an existing rule with minor changes, like by adding or removing a condition or category or if you want to change the severity of any existing rule. Clone rule feature will allow you to make these minor changes and create your own new rule.

To create a new SaaS security posture rule by cloning an existing rule, follow the procedure:

  1. Log in to the Netskope tenant UI.

  2. Navigate to Policies > Security Posture. Then, click the SaaS tab. The Security Posture page opens.

  3. Click the Rules tab. The screen shows the list of rules supported by SSPM.

  4. Select any rule by clicking on it. The Rule Details dialog box will appear.

  5. Click on the Clone Rule button at the bottom right corner of the Rule Details dialog box. A New Custom Rule diagram will appear.

  6. You can edit the rule name, severity, definition, category, and description of the cloned rule. The remediation steps are not copied, you can add remediation instructions in the tab.

  7. Click Validate Definition in the Definition tab to validate the rule and fix any syntax errors.

  8. Click Save to save the rule.

  9. The rule is displayed in the Rules tab.

  10. On the Security Posture page, click Apply Changes.

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Clone a SaaS Security Posture Rule

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