SSPM Reports using API

SSPM Reports using API

With SaaS Security Posture Management, you can generate compliance reports using REST APIs. You can initiate REST API commands to send out compliance reports periodically. You can send the report to a specific or multiple email IDs as defined in the REST API command.

To run the reports using REST API, follow the instruction below:

  1. Log in to your Netskope tenant.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Tools > REST API v2. 

  3. Click the API DOCUMENTATION link. The Swagger Netskope API documentation page opens.

  4. On the Netskope API documentation page, search for the `/api/v2/spm/report` string. The page lists the following ‘reporting’ APIs:

  5. Follow the rest of the instructions within the API help section to schedule, update, or delete a compliance report.

    – You can customize reports to skip passed findings and to generate reports at a per App suite basis  using the `include_passed_findings` and `filters` parameters. To learn more about the use of parameters, refer to the API documentation.
    – Refer the REST API v2 Overview document to learn more about how to generate a token and authorize it in Swagger to be used with  the API endpoints. When generating the token, remember to choose “/api/v2/spm/report/schedules” SPM endpoint in step 2 of the process. Once the token is generated, authorize it from the Swagger UI.
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SSPM Reports using API

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