Create and apply a legal hold policy if required

Create and apply a legal hold policy if required
Prerequisites for the API protection use casesRoles/actors in the use cases
  • Tenant creation 
  • User accounts created
  • CASB API Protection connected to CSP (Cloud Service Provider)
  • CSP (Cloud Service Provider) administrator
  • Cloud governance team
  • Security Analyst

To create a policy for an API protected service that applies a legal hold,  follow the steps shown below:

  1. Navigate to Policies > API Data protection > New Policy.
  2. Select the API protected service for which the DLP policy is required.
  3. Under the Users section, select  ‘All Users’.
  4. Under Content section, select ‘All sharing options’ and ‘All file types’.
  5. Under DLP, apply DLP profile if applicable.
  6. Under Action, select ‘Legal Hold’ as per the requirement.

To learn more: Understanding API Protection

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